What you Need

Directions and what you need to prepare

Preparing for the festival

How to get there.

The festival is located at:

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center
10243 Saratoga Springs Rd, Upper Lake, CA 95485

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What you need to bring

  1. Snacks – this festival is catered for 3 meals a day with organic veggetarian food with tea and coffee stations. Bring your own snacks if there is something you like to eat outside of this.
  2. Loose comfortable clothing – we will be dancing a lot and it’s good you have loose clothes and plenty of t-shirts if you tend to sweat a lot.
  3. Towels – we can provide these for $5 rental at the festival – you will need these for showers, the pool and also to cover mattresses in massage structures.
  4. Items of comfort – a yoga mat, cushion or pillow to sit on and a sarong for massage structures.
  5. Please do not bring drugs or alcohol to the festival – we are creating an environment where we can dive deeply into our senses in a really delicious way – dulling them with intoxicants will not be needed and will inhibit your experience.

The opening Ceremony for the festival starts at 6pm on the 12th September with an opening meeting for everybody. Weekend ticket holders can arrive from on the Friday afternoon onwards and dinner is included that day. Early Entry can arrive on the 11th and there will be a prefestival schedule of events.

The festival finishes with a closing ceremony before lunch on Sunday the 16th and participants who are not staying on for the training afterwards must leave the festival grounds by 6pm that day.

Are you ready?

Sometimes people just jump and discover something amazing waiting for their lives.

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