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UPDATE: The California Tantra Festival has been postponed until 2021 due to covid-19 risks. New dates will be released soon this page will be updated and you will be able to sign up as a volunteer then.


We are really happy to invite you as a full volunteer for the California Tantra Festival 2020. The festival will take place from the 16th – 20th September, 2020 at a retreat centre near the Sequoia National Park in California.

The Volunteer days are 15th – 20th September, 2020.

Our offer to you is:
  • A Discounted Ticket.
  • A $25 referral commission on each ticket that uses your promotional code, which we will give you.
  • Full participation in the festival. While taking on your volunteer tasks is a priority.
What we would like from you as a volunteer at the festival:
  • You will be there on the 15th in the evening for the startup meeting.
  • Stay at the end until everything is cleaned up.
  • A working meditation service each day for up to 4 hours. Creating and securing a beautiful Festival area with flow, ease & grace and some sweet sweat.
  • Becoming an Ambassador of the festival:
    • Share and promote the festival on social media, invite 200+ people to the FB event, and post at least twice on your own wall that you are going including a link to the FB event.
    • People get 10% off coming through you, and you get $25 for each referral.
  • Payment for food and accommodation.
Your choice of service:

These are the areas of service. Specific roles within these areas will be presented and assigned as we come together onsite as a team. You will select a primary and secondary team in the application that follows this information page.

Kitchen: Ticket Price $199

This is the team of heroes! The kitchen is the heart of the whole festival. This is the most important team, without food, nothing will work. All other functions can be done on-the-fly but not the kitchen, it needs a team of dedicated heroes. With our awesome chef the kitchen is a workshop in itself, rocking it (literally) the whole day.

    • food preparation, chopping veggies etc
    • serving food, preparing or cleaning the dining area
    • logistics for the dishing station
    • your service time each day are in special shifts supporting the cook for each meal

Physical space keeping: Ticket Price $299

This team is feeling us organized and taken care of. They are the muscle of the festival. It is the force behind the scene that provides the foundation of our sacred container.

    • Arrive early to assist with setting up the venue (physical space keepers are expected to arrive earlier to help with set up and accommodation is included for this)
    • preparing, cleaning & clearing (energy and matter) spaces
    • setting up group rooms for workshops (mattresses, pillows, musician setup, sound support)
    • keeping common areas in buildings clean, like entrances, showers and bathrooms
    • your service time each day is spread out and can mostly be handled during break times
    • physical space keepers must be punctual and self-motivated

Registration & Information: Ticket Price $299

This team welcomes our festival-goers and keeps them informed about all the opportunities and procedures at the festival. If you connect easily with new people and are able to give clear and decisive instructions (including saying No!) then maybe this is for you.

    • welcoming arrivals, checking them in and give instruction on accommodation and parking
    • keeping up on the schedule and answering questions
    • this team requires long hours on arrival days and staffs the info desk during breaks

Love Angel/Assistant: Ticket Price $299

This team is responsible for Emotional support and assisting workshops. You should have some experience in this area and be familiar with Tantra to apply and it is a special recruitment team and you will need approval from Organizers.

Our Values:

Our Festival team values are ease, communication, integrity, and the ability to be on time. We do expect you to be a great team player and to handle any personal growth work that comes up in a self-reliant way while also completing any tasks that are assigned to you. We do have a schedule and a specific roster of tasks and… we do expect the unexpected and trust that you will pitch in and handle the unexpected with us.

We are looking forward to creating and celebrating with you!

Thank you for stepping in and for your Yes!

If you like to come as a volunteer please fill in our Volunteer Application. Once we receive it we will email you with further instructions including how to pay for the food and accommodation.

Much love,

James Stevenson & Eugene Hedlund, Festival Organizers


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