Cacao Ceremony

A Sacred Medicine for Intentions

Practical Information

In this ceremony there is a chance to re-connect to your heart’s wisdom to set intentions of let go and also of bringing in new ways of being. In this warm space you are held and nurtured and will experience a heightened sense of connectedness to everyone else around you, others in your life who are not present and to the sacredness of all that surrounds you.

This ceremony will be offered to all on the last evening of hte festival and is followed by an energetic dance party for those who want that, there will also be other spaces open for more quiet reflective time or to connect with others socially or sensually. It is has become a high point in other festivals organized by James where many of the experiences and intimacies of the preceeding days crack open our beings to their highest truths and our hearts shine through the gaps.

Organic Food

The drink used in our ceremony is made from 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao. It contains a  blend of spices and super foods and  is suitable for vegans.

The effects of the cacao lasts for about 2-3 hours but then stay around in a more subtle way for a few hours after this and you can tune into the wisdom by reconnecting to yourself and others in a relaxed space.

Some lethargy and emotional movement may occur later on the final day as we integrate the experience, but we will not be using a full ceremonial dose and you will be able to participate in all the following workshops this is a good time to allow all old emotions to just pass through like a breeze as deep patterns are released.

So, are you ready to join us?

Are you ready?

Sometimes people just jump and discover something amazing waiting for their lives.

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