Saratoga Springs, Northern CA

25th - 29th September 2019
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Welcome to the California Tantra Festival 2019

We’re super excited to announce the 5th year of the original Tantra Festival in mainland USA! At our new venue in Northern California we are blessed with incredible nature, ourdoor swimming pools and hot-tubs and some of the best International Facilitators. Stay tunned as we add more Presenters, DJs and Musicians to make this an experience you will never forget!


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The Stats

Days of Celebration


Acres of Land

International Attendees

What is this Festival?

If you’ve ever been interested in exploring the full range Tantra – from spiritual awakening, to sacred sexuality, to just delighting more in the taste of your food and sensing the nature around you – then this is the place to do it!

You will be held in a safe and encouraging space that respects all choices and aids in deeper intimacy with your own deep being. Set in the beautiful nature of the Saratoga Springs Retreat Center in Northern California this 5 day gathering will bring the cream of Tantra teachers to create and unforgettable experience. Tantra is only the start we have a plethora of delights to set your soul on fire, including 5 rhythms, Kundalini Yoga, Biodanza, Sharing Groups, Morning Meditation, Live Concerts and DJs.

Am I Welcome?

Yes! We embrace all relationship styles, orientations and ages over 18. Whether you are single —wanting to interact and explore with others— or a couple wishing to deepen your intimacy, the festival is the perfect environment to dive in!

Who is holding it?

The festival is held by Eugene & James along with a team of International Workshop Leaders, Session Givers, Emotional Support Crew, DJs and Performers, Volunteers and Retreat Centre Workers.

Where is it?

The Festival is held at Saratoga Springs – a beautiful retreat centre set in the countryside of Northern California with incredible forests on the doorstep, quality workshop spaces, 2 swimming pools and healthy vegetarian food.

What’s On

Tantra Workshops

Embodied spirituality is about weaving all the different aspects of your life, of yourself, together. Everything is included and integrated in such a way that there is no aspect that is not God – while eating food, making love, enjoying fresh air. Ahhh Bliss!

Yoga Workshops

Yoga means union and finding a good practice helps bring together the aspirations of your heart and mind with the wisdom and abilities of your own beautiful body.

Dance Practices

Dance helps us embody ourselves, helps us bring through our soul and our spirit into the manifest realm. Discover your inner alchemist who is able to weave together worlds discover themselves more deeply and celebrate that through movement.

Love Temple

When we find intimacy with ourselves then it is possible to share it with others. The Love Temple is a held space that allows for an exploration of sensuality rather than sexuality. It is full of delights

Live Concerts from:

Are you ready?

Sometimes people just jump and discover something amazing waiting for their lives.

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